Global Cannabis Logistics & Operations Management

Our mission is transforming the way cannabis is cultivated, bought, and sold on a global scale.

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Licensing Application

Business Licensing Applications Demystified

We have experience with cannabis business applications in the states and countries in which we operate. We can take a retail, cultivation, manufacturer, or delivery applicant from start to submittal for their license. Our team will demystify the process and ensure you have all documentation ready to go. 

Becoming a cannabis license holder is no longer a difficult as it was in the past. New precedent is being set across the world so that players large and small can now participate in the industry.

Business Logistics & Operational Management Services

We utilize proprietary management and business development techniques and processes that help establish our clients as strong market players and social justice advocates. MJ&CO’s expertise is in creating a firm foundation for medical and adult use cannabis businesses around the world with customized standard operating procedures. Our team will streamline project management and operations for licensed dispensaries, cultivators, manufacturers, and research projects. 

Operating a cannabis business can be difficult if the right team is not in place. We focus on helping our clients hire competent team members that have been impacted by the prohibition of marijuana so that the people running the operations have an intelligence and passion about the work they do beyond a traditional employee. 

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Consulting & Brand Development Services

MJ&CO is known for our business consulting services in Massachusetts, California, Connecticut, Florida, and New York.  Along with consulting services we can help a brand develop from start to finish.  Our brand engineers can develop your business around specific themes and other factors that garner consumer brand recognition.

  • Business Plan Development & Partner Acquisition
  • Corporate Formation & Investor Expectations and Advice
  • Local Siting, Permits, and Zoning Approvals
  • Community outreach and local lobbying
  • Market niche selection, branding, patenting, and intellectual property rights
  • Product development and marketing from start to finish
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We have been consultants for acquiring licenses and developing leading edge brands since 2015.

“MJ&CO is a cannabis business consulting firm with a focus on developing both local and global brands in the cannabis industry. As cannabis industry veterans we’ve had the privilege to work with several major cannabis businesses, and maintain an established a reputation for being innovative in both our approach to strategy and operations.”

Jessica VerzuraPresident of MJ&CO

“Our focus on social equity helps us stand out. We only work with clients that want to focus on social justice and innovative niche markets. Our focus on business optimization, clinical research, product development, regulatory compliance, research, and public health and safety is above and beyond what exists elsewhere in the industry anywhere in the world.”

Michael LatulippeVice President of MJ&CO

Let us help develop your
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